IWF Impressed with Progress

Meeting with International Weightlifting Federation’s (IWF) Director General, Attila Adamfi and Competition Manager, Matyas Lencser

 International Weightlifting Federation’s (IWF) Director General, Attila Adamfi and Competition Manager, Matyas Lencser are currently in Fiji on a Technical Visit for the upcoming Junior World Championships (JWC) to be held in Suva from June 1-8, 2019. 

They have met with various stakeholders and have seen the progress that is currently being made to host an event of this calibre. 

Despite the unavailability of the original venue, the Vodafone Arena, Attila is happy that the alternative venue, the FMF Gymnasium will be prepared suitability by the Fiji Sports Council to be able to host the Championship and warm up areas before time. 

The Vodafone arena will not be ready because the current renovation works being carried out will not be completed on time. 

This means that some slight modifications will need to be made to the FMF Gymnasium to prepare this as the competition venue and the National Fitness Centre will be used as the training venue. 

Attila said he is happy having the Training and Competition venue at the same area, just a short walk away from each other. Also the distance between the competition venue and the various hotels is about 10 minutes so that will provide ideal conditions for the athletes to perform at their best – especially considering this event as an important milestone in the Qualification to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games – said Attila, who is also a Technical Delegate for the 2019 Pacific Games and Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. 

Attila commended the Organisation Committee on their unprecedented cooperation in engaging the different stakeholders in organising these Championships. I’m impressed by the collaboration that is being shown by the Whole of Government, Fiji Sports Council, Fiji National Sports Commission, ONOC, FASANOC, ORADO and Media Partners and Sponsors in delivering these Championships. 

I am grateful to Dr Robin Mitchell. The Chair of the Organising Committee and to Mr. Atma Maharaj for the tireless work they’re putting in to deliver this World event. This is a very important competition as this is Gold Level ranking competition and a Tokyo 2020 qualification event. 

Fiji is the first Pacific Country to be given the hosting rights to host a World Weightlifting Championship and the last time an event was held in Oceania was in 1993 in Melbourne, Australia. 

Attila is no stranger to Fiji as he’s been here in 2004 and then in 2010 & 2016 to attend the Oceania Weightlifting Championships and is heavily involved with the 2019 Junior World Championships. 

IWF’s Competition Manager Matyas Lencser said, 1 year ago new bodyweight categories were announced and this will be the first Junior Weightlifting Championships with the new body weight categories. I’m also happy to learn that 64 countries have sent in Preliminary entries for this competition in Suva and we will know final numbers by the end of April, 2019, he said. 

These championships will use Video Playback Technology and will be live-streamed globally, said Mr Lencser. 

Another point to note is that the competition equipment that will be used at these Championships are ZKC Bars and Weights. ZKC is the official provider for the weights for the Weightlifting competition at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The use of the same equipment at these championships only goes on to show the high level of competition this will be. 

IWF is happy that the Organising Committee has appointed Mr Pedro Meloni as the 2019 JWC Competition Manager. Pedro was the Competition Manager for the Weightlifting Competition at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games and comes highly recommended. 

The JWC OC is thankful to the Fiji Government, Fiji National Sports Commission, Fiji Sports Council, IWF, ONOC, FASANOC, ORADO and Media Partners, Sponsors and the general public for their support. 

Signed off by Dr Mitchell